The 12 volt Gator Gill "Guppy" proto type kit is here starting at $959. 00    

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We Carry all assortments of Hookah Diving parts And Accessories right here in Weeki Wachee, FL

If you’re in the market for high-quality, reliable, hookah Diving parts and accessories , why spend a fortune when you can get top-quality products right here in beautiful Weeki Wachee Florida.  Gator Gill is one of the few companies where the owners actually use what they sell.  Before our founding in 2014 Gator Gill  was concerned how the hookah diving industry was monopolized by a few companies that was clearly taking advantage of their specialized components.   As divers ourselves, we wanted to find ways to produce a much safer cost-effective system along with its accessories that interchange with other major brand diving Hookahs.  Gator Gill is one of the leading dealers who believes in using actual filtration on all their systems.  Give us a call and see why so many divers are now choosing Gator Gill over its competitors.

Gator Gill "Guppy" series 12 volt (coming soon).

  Gator Gill has done it again. introducing the newest line of products Gator Gill has to offer.  Our 12 volt "Guppy" is specifically designed To be compact, portable and lightweight all at once.  This revolutionary dive system is perfect for: Kayaks, Personal water craft, Gold dredging in remote areas, spearfishing, lobster, scallop diving and more.  Unlike the Air-buddy, Nomad and Nemo who only offer 1 hours dives per battery charge, the Guppy Can easily support 1 diver all day on one compact lightweight 50ah Lithium battery or a group 24 marine deep cycle. The Compressor pump is super quiet and has a 100 % duty cycle pump for years of longevity.  The Guppy comes standard with our on demand technology built in.  You can easily reach depths up to 30 ft. plus depending on your skill level.  Filtration comes with a 10 micron water filter separator attached to te dive hose.  You can choose from 4 different airhose  lengths starting at 25' ,50',75' and 100'.  Weight of the Guppy is just under 21 lbs.   You can float the Guppy with your battery for a weight less than 40 lbs combined using a lithium battery.  The Guppy is truly a breakthrough in surface air diving.  We are currently selling the proto type model  starting at $950.00 on a  first come first serve basis.  Give us a call today and take diving to the next level tomorrow.

The Recreation series 12-volt hookah diving systems are one of most efficient systems on the market compared to most other dealers.  We’re always working hard to improve our products and keep prices low because we know how important it is to enjoy freedom on the water while staying as safe as possible. Take advantage of our monthly specials, including:


Two Diver Combo Package

Two Diver Complete Lobster Combo

1-Twin Tank 12 volts, 2 Gallon Reserve Air Compressor 6' power cord

1-15' 2 ways Y extension with quick connects

1-40 micron water filter separator. (upgrade to 5 microns for $35.00)

2-50-Air Supply Lines (Stamped Breathing Air) with quick connects

2-Cressi sub X Regulators with Adjustable Airflow and Incline Filter (upgrade to Low profile 2nd stage for $30.00)



















Add or replace your older Hookah airlines

Dry Bag Bonus Pack

50' kit 2 diver


75' kit 2 diver


100' kit 2 diver


Dry Bag Bonus Pack


Contact us to discuss your needs or learn more about our hookah diving systems. We are proudly located in Weeki Wachee, Florida.
Due to the nature of the activity this equipment provides, we do require you to accept and agree not to hold Gator Gill LLC liable for possible injury or death.