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Hookah System Parts And Accessories in Plant City, FL

When you’re looking for high-quality, reliable, hookah system parts and accessories in Plant City, FL, why spend a fortune when you can get top-quality diving products from a company run by people who actually use the equipment themselves? At Gator Gill Unit, we were displeased seeing the hookah diving industry monopolized by a small number of companies that took advantage of their specialized components and price-gouging the consumers. As divers ourselves, we wanted to find ways to produce a safe and cost-effective system that works efficiently and cleanly. Gator Gill was formed, and the rest is history. Give us a call and see why so many divers choose Gator Gill over all the rest.

The Recreation series 12-volt hookah diving systems that are safer and more efficient. We’re always working to improve our products and keep prices low because we know how important it is to enjoy freedom on the water while staying as safe as possible. Take advantage of our monthly specials, including:

Two Diver Combo Package


Two Diver Complete Lobster Combo

1 Twin Tank 12 Volt, 2 Gallon Reserve Air Compressor 6' power cord

1-25' 2 way Y  extension with quick connects

1-40 micron water filter seperator. (upgrade to 5 micron for $20.00 more)

2 50-Air Supply Lines (Stamped Breathing Air) with quick connects

2 Cressi sub X Regulators with Adjustable Airflow and In-Line Filter **

FREE CRESSI 2nd stage low profile upgrade included

$40.00 value Offer ends May 2020


NEW for 2020.  The Gator Gill Commercial Elite series 110 volt Hookah is finally here. Starting at $849.99 for the 1 diver


$1099.99 for the 2 diver

"Tresa Elite" 3 diver 110 volt

50'     $1549.99

75'     $1729.99

100'    $1859.99

Dry Bag Bonus Pack

Dry Bag Bonus Pack  

15 Liter Bag with Free 10 Liter Bag Included

Watertight Roll-top Closure     

Transparent Vinyl Window

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Heat-Welded Seam Construction

Quick-Release Buckle with D-Ring

Rugged PVC Fabric, Cold-Resistant Waterproof Coating (Wipes Clean Easily)

Price:$9.99  6 LEFT IN STOCK

Contact us to discuss your needs or learn more about our hookah diving systems. We are proudly located in Plant City, Florida.

Due to the nature of the activity this equipment provides we do require you to accept and agree not to hold Gator Gill LLC liable for possible injury or death.