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We moved to Weeki Wachee Florida to better serve you

Diving is a sport that presents many wonderful opportunities for new divers as well as the ones who have been exploring beneath the waves for years. At Gator Gill, you can depend on us to be your source for complete diving gear packages at our new shop here in Weeki Wachee  FL, that will meet your needs, whether you just started or if you’re an experienced diver. Contact us today and learn about the Hookah diving equipment and other affordable scuba gear that we carry.

     Our team has the answers to any questions you have about Hookah diving  gear or Hookah diving in general.  Give use an email,text or call and we’re happy to help.

Check out the 12 volt Gator Gill in action on the Discovery channel "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch" 

Now you can see our 12 volt Elite Series Hookah  in action  by watch this really exciting mini series on the discovery channel.

We also do conversion for other name brand Hookahs hose replacements etc. just about any major brand surface air diving system immaginable, we can help .  Our shop is open year-round by appointment only.  so feel free to contact us at your convenience.

To make a purchase, Please fill out our information inquiry form. We will  email you an estimated invoice via PayPal and verify your order. You do not need a membership to place an order and can sign in free of charge as a guest.



813 857-1676 

Please ask for Steve


Due to the nature of the activity this equipment provides, we do require you to accept and agree not to hold Gator Gill LLC liable for possible injury or death.

Please visit By Appointment Only

Visit us at our new shop Opening soon in Weeki Wachee Fl.  for quality diving systems & conversions at affordable prices.