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Affordable Scuba Gear in Plant City, FL at Gator Gill

Diving Equipment in Plant City, FL

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We look forward to hearing from you here at Gator Gill. We're your home for all your Hookah diving equipment and affordable scuba gear. Conveniently located of Interstate 4 exit #22 in Plant City Florida. Please let us know if you have any questions or just want to know more about us.  Don't forget we can  do custom conversions for most all major brand surface air diving systems 

To make a purchase  please fill out and complete our information inquiry and we will e-mail you and verify your order prior to sending an invoice via Pay Pal.



        813 857-1676  

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Due to the nature of the activity this equipment provides we do require you to accept and agree not to hold Gator Gill LLC liable for possible injury or death.

Please By  Appointment Only
Visit us in Plant City, Florida  for quality diving systems & conversions at affordable prices.
Located in the Strawberry Festival Area