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About Us

Tresa and Steve have enjoyed diving for many years. As you may know, diving is a very expensive hobby. Your constantly having to take your equipment to your local dive shop for inspection and re-certification. We wanted to offer a more economical safe way to enjoy diving Hookah style. After countless hours of research we were able to build a quality system that would give you the ability to experience diving at an affordable price.  We personally tested our design for over 190 hours before we established Gator Gill LLC in 2014.

Similar hookah systems could cost over $1,800 and do not have the features Gator Gill has to offer . Now you can experience reef diving, spear fishing, scalloping, lobster harvesting, treasure hunting and so much more with the Gator Gill surface air diving system .Think outside the box and you will realize this could be one of the best adventure tools you may ever own!

Steve and Tresa

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