Introducing  the all New 3 Diver 110 volt "Tresa Elite Series " Hookah in stock April 24th 2019.

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Located in Plant City, Florida "Strawberry capital of the world"

For those of you who are new to surface air diving aka "HOOKAH" or an experienced scuba diver, our surface air diving systems are the best way to get in the water safely and quickly.  Were located in the Strawberry Capital of Plant City, Florida, We make all of our diving products very, affordable, and easy to use.  In the past, only a few companies have monopolized this market and were gouging the consumer . We produced the Gator Gill so it is affordable for most anyone without compromising safety, performance or quality.  Come check us out and see how easy and affordable it is to put one of our system aboard your boat today.  The possibilities are endless when you have the freedom to dive with a "Hookah".

How Gator Gill was Founded

Hi, my name Steve  and I want to tell you a little about "Gator Gill".  In 2014 my late wife Tresa  founded "Gator Gill LLC" with one sole purpose, that was to change the monopolized Hookah diving industry and show them a new approach .  Years prior to launching Gator Gill we owned some gasoline powered hookah systems.   While three of our divers were under water we had a close call from the carbon monoxide fumes and that was the last time we used any type of gasoline drive hookah system. Pushing for a greener and safer alternative we researched purchasing a 12 volt Hookah system. After shopping around we were shocked at the prices most dealers were charging. We decided at this point to develop our own 12 volts powered Hookah and to add an air reserve system.  We also wanted to add additional filtration none of the other companies were offering. After many months of personally testing our own 12 volt system we introduced the Gator Gill 12 volt Diving System. Today Gator Gill has become one of the most affordable, durable, and dependable hookah system on the market. Producing the highest CFM's and incorporating a triple filtration design at an affordable price. Unfortunately many of our competitors have tried to launch negative campaigns to try to discredit us. To counter these attacks we decided to become the lowest priced dealer and work off volume for our profits and advertise on the internet. In addition to help keep cost down, we have a designated equipment room where you can get one on one personal assistance(Not offered by our competition) to help you with your specific diving needs. We believe customer service is 1st.

                                                                                                                     GREAT NEWS EVERYONE

  We would like to express a big "Thank You" to all our competitors for lowering their prices just to keep up with us these past few years. It's important to show the hookah diving industry there's more to doing business than just trying to make a buck off a one time sale. Competition is very good for the consumer. Our future plans for Gator Gill is to continue expanding and growing as a family owned and operated business with affordable Hookah products. We also carry accessories like our Gator Reels, Scuba to Hookah kits and the Gator Gill 12 and 110 volts "Elite series". My pledge to you the consumer is to keep giving you one of the most affordable, durable, and dependable hookah diving equipment for all levels of experience. As you can see we are passionate about what we do. Thank you! —Steve

Before purchasing any electrical 12 volt or 120 volt  Hookah Diving system you should first ask these key questions.

  • Does the dealer actually use the diving equipment they sell ? See our You Tube videos key word Gator Gill.
  • How knowledgeable are they about their competitors products?
  • How many CFM's does the compressor actually produce. * This will make a difference in the amount of air each diver receives*
  • Does the diving system have filters. If so how many and how many microns does it actually filter?.
  • Are the air lines rated for air breathing or food grade pvc do they have stainless steel or plastic hose ends?
  • What is the recommended battery and how do I calculate my own deep cycle battery power source?
  • How versatile are the components and quick connects on the hookah systems to SCUBA?
  • What is the longevity of my Hookah compressor? Can I get parts for it?
  • Does the system have underwater safety clips to prevent accidental disconnection?
  • Do they use plastic or bearings for their quick connects? Warning Plastic breaks when exposed to the sun.
  • Do I pull directly on my quick connects or just on the hose for added safety?
  • Are my 2nd stage regulators only good for Hookah or are they universal for SCUBA as well?

Great Alternative to diving with tanks:

The Gator Gill surface air diving systems are great alternatives to diving with tanks. Our eco-friendly battery / electric systems are a perfect fit for today environment. When purchasing our complete package hookah systems you will receive as a standard feature, three points of filtration by eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide gases produced by gasoline powered diving hookahs. We specialize in the 12 volt system because of the portability and versatility . For those interested in using a hookah dockside or poolside our 110 volt version Gator Gill is the perfect choice. It can be powered by direct current, generator or inverters 2500 watts or larger.The Gator Gill can be used aboard all types of vessels from kayaks to yachts, poolside to dockside.

Our Services Consist of the following:

  • Free Yearly inspections on your Gator Gill system(by appointment only)
  • Complete 12, 24 or 110 volt diving packages or buy a' la Carte
  • Retro fits for most hookah systems to adapt to the Gator Gill
  • Scuba to hookah conversions
  • Hose reels, air supply lines, parts and accessories
  • Customize hookah packages to fit your specific needs.
  • Specialize in adding filters to existing Hookahs
  • Friendly customer care, all at an affordable price.
  • Quick shipping in the U.S. and other areas around the world.
  • All equipment is new. Not refurbished or factory seconds.
  • The most affordable pricing for the highest quality products

For your own personal safety All hookah style diving should be at 30' deep or less due to the changes in atmospheric pressures at 33' deep. We recommended getting educated and familiarizing yourself with all diving safety protocols prior to using this or any other hookah diving system.

Due to the nature of the activity this equipment provides we do require you to accept and agree not to hold Gator Gill LLC liable for possible injury or death.

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